Make Someone's Day

Want to make someone's day, but don't have time/money/creativity? My husband and I are constantly hiding sweet notes to each other.

Write a quick note and put it where you know they will see it (like in thier sock drawer, or their car seat). It can be for anyone, not just a lovey dovey note (though they are the best). I'm sitting here looking at a note my daughter wrote me and it just makes me smile.

It says:
Dear mom,
I love you (and that repeats about 23 times)

How to make the Koolaid last

I hope Koolaid isn't copyrighted or anything crazy that I need to change my title.

Anyway we had less than half a quart and 3 thirsty kids that ALL wanted the same thing to drink... Normally I'm stingy with ice. Well tonight was one of those "special" dinners where the kids got ice with thier drinks and we were able to stretch the last of that container of drink out amongst all the kids.

Pretty clever... and no one asked for more. *shew* We covered that by telling them it was gone and if they were still thirsty they would have to settle for water.


When you are stretching be sure to not to have anything restrict your body. I have found that 85% of my "pulled" neck musces or "slept wrongs" are from bad morning stretches.

I royally screwed up my back muscle this morning because I was propped up on an elbow when I stretched and my back didn't get to stretch right and my back muscle has been sore all day. I know it was because I didn't get it stretched right.

Bad Weather

Something we experienced recently with the coming of spring and winter leaving... bad storms. We had a tornado warning. After the alarm sounded for 15 seconds and I checked the t.v. to see what it was I THEN herded the children to a closet.

My advice is to act first- check it out later. The old saying better safe than sorry...

In your home you should always have a plan of what to do and where to do in case of an emergency. This one was poorly executed, at least at first. We plan to talk to the children on other things as well- such as fire emergency, poison control (the number is on our fridge), and other things. It's important they know what to do in case something happens to the adult.

My children are older, but I know they can still panic and get scared and forget. They have drills at school, why not some kind of drill at home? Sounds dorky- but it could save a life! I never thought about it before.