Bad Weather

Something we experienced recently with the coming of spring and winter leaving... bad storms. We had a tornado warning. After the alarm sounded for 15 seconds and I checked the t.v. to see what it was I THEN herded the children to a closet.

My advice is to act first- check it out later. The old saying better safe than sorry...

In your home you should always have a plan of what to do and where to do in case of an emergency. This one was poorly executed, at least at first. We plan to talk to the children on other things as well- such as fire emergency, poison control (the number is on our fridge), and other things. It's important they know what to do in case something happens to the adult.

My children are older, but I know they can still panic and get scared and forget. They have drills at school, why not some kind of drill at home? Sounds dorky- but it could save a life! I never thought about it before.