Dealing With The EX

I have come to learn something about the ex. No matter what you say, do, think, feel, or act out there is aboslutely nothing you can really do about them. They are going to always have had that part of your significant other's life. So don't try to change that because it's a moot point.

I realize everyone's situation is different. Some people were once friends with their SO's ex and some people's ex's are complete strangers. Either way it is probably best not to bother with contact if at all possible. Unless for some freakish reason you get along. In which case- kudos to you!

Realize that at one point or another this person you are with probably at one point loved or thought they were in love with this other person, but right now they are not with them. They are with YOU.

Sometimes you just have to let it go and leave it at that. Easier said than done- but do it anyway. Kind of like jumping into a pool. Just hold your breath and jump. Let the other person go -your significant other has.