Breaking The Bottle

If it’s one thing I really can’t stand it’s seeing a 4 year old with a ba ba. I mean seriously are there that many medical reasons a 4 year old would have a bottle? Sippy cups are your friend. I suppose I shouldn’t judge, but I had both of my children broken from the bottle before they were a year old. I must say I did much better at that than the pacifier.

Here was my trick. I introduced the cup early. As soon as baby was able to hold the bottle on their own I began to put formula in the sippy. I made it with out the non spill thing at first so the baby could get the formula out (and baby made a huge mess, so be sure to have spit rags nearby to clean up). You have to find what works for you though, because sometimes baby doesn’t like it to come out so fast. Once the baby knew what was in there I put the non-spill thing in it. I alternated for a while with one cup a day for a while, to two, three, and by time baby was a year old we had no more bottles.

Also, my grandma let the babies drink from a regular cup. They did okay, but it was very messy, too. What am I talking about? All babies are messy when eating!! They liked it. Maybe that helped with the sippy cup, too?

I did that with both and it worked like a charm. It was getting started was the tricky part, but once we got used to it, it was so much easier. People complimented my “grown up” babies.