Breaking The Pacifier- the hard way

My daughter was the harder of the two. She was very dependent on her binky. She simply freaked out if we couldn’t bring it up at bed time. It had gotten to the point where I broke her of it during the day, but she absolutely had to have it at night.

I started by letting it get “lost” for a few minutes and she would be patient for me to look for it and when she really started to fret I would “find” it. It started to get “lost” for longer and longer periods every night. I would tell her to go to sleep while I looked for it (sometimes I would have to reassure her I was looking everywhere- and name places I was looking for it) and eventually she started to fall asleep while I was “looking” for it, but would wake up and I would tell her I found it.

I don’t remember how long this went on, but it seemed the least stressful way for me to break it from her because of her attachment. And it was the least stressful for me, too.

Of if you’re wondering, I did try the cold turkey thing- she would cry until she puked.