Stomach Virus

Being a mother of two I don’t have time to be sick, nor do I have time to have the other child get sick if I can help it. As soon as the elusive “my tummy hurts” or phone call from school comes in I get my mind prepared and forget about the rest of the stuff I have to do- because face it as a parent you can forget about getting anything done if your child has a stomach bug.

First thing I do is have the bucket handy. I always line it with 2 or 3 Wal-mart or Meijer plastic bags. This way if the child (like mine) doesn’t make it to the toilet you can count on them at least making it into a bucket. Double bagging will prevent the dripping of vomit when transferring to the big can/dumpster. I always make sure I have lots of extra bags ready to line the trash can. Changing often prevents the smell and germs from spreading.

If you have a little girl make sure she keeps her hair tied back!!

Keep paper towels, wipes, or some kind of spit rag handy with your cleaner. They are good for wiping mouths as well as getting splatter “in case.” I prefer paper towels because you can throw them away. If you use cloth towels you MUST put them in the wash ASAP.

Get your bleach bucket or Lysol (but bleach is better if you can take it) and a wash cloth, paper towels, whatever you prefer. Go over EVERY door knob in the house. The toilet knob, fridge door knob, car door, phone, remote, pens, drawers, game controllers, everywhere the child and family touches. Sanitize anything that is frequently touched! Do it often. Remember the Norovirus (the most common stomach virus) is still shed by the sickie up to 2 days after they are feeling well.

I know your child wants to be cuddled. Just no kissing if you can help it, definitely not on the mouth or hands! Make sure their head is pointed AWAY from you (this helps with any surprise pukies) so you don’t have any vomit on you. If they are laying on the family couch, line it with a sheet, towels, or a blanket “just in case” even lining the floor if they are forceful. It is much easier (and less germy) to toss a blanket into the wash than to scrub a carpet.

Also and the most important- wash, wash, wash, wash, your hands!! Every time you handle the child, clean a mess, change a bucket, go to the bathroom, or if the other children play with the sick child they need to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20-30 seconds! If your hands get dry use a lotion.